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Quality and Safety

Since 1987, the doctors, optometrists and staff at SRG Eye Care Hospitals have made the quality standard of care and the safety of all our patients we deliver, our top priorities. We recognize and understand that the care we offer affects every single patient and their family member who comes through our gates. Our deep commitment to maintaining quality is measured in increased patient satisfaction and better patient outcomes. The final result – generations of families, turn to SRG Eye Care Hospital because they are well aware that we deliver superior, safe and compassionate care without any making any compromises, be it diagnostics or follow-up care.

At SRG Eye Care Hospital, we don't just believe in talking about quality a nd safety, but: We benchmark our results and set goals to make sure that we are not only meeting but exceeding national standards. We rely on a "Smart & Balanced Scorecard" method to continuously keep track of our progress toward our goals. This smart and practical approach renders accountability at various levels and continuously tracks those metrics the at have the most noticeable impact on our crucial values – safety and quality, people, growth, service, and finance and operations.

In our journey to deliver the best quality care without making any compromises, we do implement and utilize proven methodologies for quality improvement. A significant section of our hardworking staff have gained expertise and received dedicated training in various unique techniques to drive improvements in safety and quality.

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Quality and Safety

Every year, millions of people faces problems with their vision. Many of these issues or conditions can cause permanent vision loss and even blindness. In contrast, others are common problems that can be quickly taken care of with contact lenses or Eyeglasses.

In our quest to offer you the best possible medical treatment, our talented and skilled staffs rely only on the latest and best equipment available in this field. Allow us to give you a glimpse of the equipment we use:

The safety of all our patients during the surgery is the top priority of our doctors and other staff members. SRG Eye Care Hospitals has been a leader in introducing and implementing systems and processes that ensures that we deliver very high-quality, safe care for all our patients.

Centurion phaco system
From Alcon-World's most advanced phaco system.
Alcon wave light EX-500
The Fastest Excimer Laser for performing Lasik and other lasers refractive error corrective eye surgeries.
Verion systems
Image guidance systems for precision and accuracy in cataract surgeries.
Constellation system
From Alcon- The most precise and the fastest machine for performing Retinal surgeries.
Zeiss Lumera
The latest microscope from the Lens world leaders Zeiss.
IOL master 700
The OCT guided machine for IOL power calculation.
Nidek OCT
The Dual retinal photography and the OCT scanning machine from Nidek.
Zeiss Humphrey field Perimetry
For detecting the early and the sub-clinical effects of Glaucoma.